01 de novembro de 2016

ECA-USP completes 50 years in 2016

University of Sao Paulo School of Communication and Arts of (ECA-USP) was founded on June 16th, 1966. Originally, the institution was named The School of Cultural Communications. In 1969 the name was changed to The School of Communication and Arts. Fifty years later, in 2016, ECA-USP organized a series of events to celebrate a half century of existence which will occur during the 2016-2017 biennial, with specific seminars in different fields. The purpose is to integrate the school with the University of Sao Paulo community and Brazilian society. There will be discussions about important contemporary themes in the areas of Arts, Communication, Information and Culture with a particular focus on the new demands of society.

Since its inception, ECA has excelled not only in the number and diversity of its courses, but also the quality of its faculty, who are renowned throughout Latin America. The school has eight departments, six graduate programs, 11 programs in specialized subjects, three junior companies, numerous centers including a center for research and the School of Dramatic Art (EAD), dedicated to the training of actors.



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