31 de maio de 2019

CSP employees stand out at the International Steel Challenge in Spain

CSP, a steel company in the state of Ceará and an Aberje associate, is once again a reference in the world’s Steel Challenge. Marcelo Angelotto, a supply analyst at CSP, won fourth place in the largest steel competition in the world, called simply Steel Challenge. The 13th edition of the challenge was held in April in Madrid, Spain.

“The competition has added a lot of knowledge in the steel industry. It was a dream come true. I wish that other CSP employees may have the opportunity, as I do, to compete and represent Ceará and our company to the world,” said Angelotto.

In all, 1,905 people from all over the world took part in the challenge, which was preceded by a regional stage last December 2018. Angelotto was the winner of that stage, along with fellow CSP analyst Daniel Gouvêia. Of the top ten in the Industrial category of the North and South Americas, besides Marcelo, four are CSP analysts and trainees.

At the Steel Challenge, participants have up to two hours to produce steel according to the specifications requested and at the lowest possible cost. This year’s challenge was even more difficult since the participants conducted a simulation of steel production in integrated processes in primary and secondary refining.



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