17 de dezembro de 2019

Corporate Communication highlighted in Valor

“When Communication sets the pace of business – and imposes a new agenda for the Communications Director.” This was the main theme behind the 12th edition of Valor Setorial Comunicação Corporativa magazine, a publication prepared by Aberje and Valor Econômico financial daily, distributed to subscribers of the newspaper on early December and also available online. The bilingual publication (Portuguese and English) is the result of a partnership between Aberje and Valor Econômico, the largest financial newspaper in Brazil, .

As is the case every year, the cover story was the result of a roundtable discussion at the newspaper’s headquarters, hosted by Paulo Nassar, Aberje’s president and a full professor at ECA-USP, with the participation of Tânia Nogueira, editor of Valor Econômico Special Projects, and ten communication leaders of major companies in the country. The list of presents on the discussion includes Fabio Mincarelli, Head of Corporate Communication at Henkel Brazil; Fabio Toreta, Communications Superintendent of Sabesp; Fernão Silveira, Director of Corporate Communication and Sustainability at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; Gislaine Rossetti, Director of Institutional and Regulatory Relations at LATAM Airlines Brasil; Juliana Nunes, Director of Corporate Communication and Institutional Marketing at CPFL; Luciana Coen, Director of Integrated Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP; Mario Laffitte, Samsung‘s Vice President of Government Relations, Corporate Communications, Legal, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility; Patricia Pecego, Director of Communication and Advocacy at Novartis; Paulo Pereira, Bayer Communications Director; and Priscilla Cortezze, director of corporate affairs and press relations at Volkswagen.

In addition to this traditional gathering, this year’s edition featured another roundtable consisting of CEOs from large corporations: Cristina Palmaka (SAP), Gustavo Werneck (Gerdau), Jerome Cadier (LATAM Airlines Brazil), Luiz Sergio Vieira (EY), Maitê Leite (Deutsche Bank), Pablo Di Si (Volkswagen). The discussion was mediated by Hamilton dos Santos, Executive Director of Aberje, and Paulo Nassar. The debate was based on a study by Page Society, the leading US corporate communications association, which points out four critical vectors for corporations today: relationship and people management, transparency, data management, and compliance.

The “Letter to the Reader” says: “The increase in social inequality and the risk of environmental collapse have led different sectors of society to question the performance of companies in this scenario. Consumers, employees, partners and even large investors have come to demand a transparent and authentic positioning of corporations regarding their social responsibility and corporate sustainability actions. In this context, the corporate communication area gains greater prominence and an important ally. The chief executive officer of the company, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), also plays the role of positioning – and informing – the values and purposes of the organization for the whole society”.

Value subscribers can access the online version at this link .

Paulo Nassar (Aberje), Gustavo Werneck (Gerdau), Luiz Sérgio Vieira (EY), Maitê Leite (Deutsche Bank), Cristina Palmaka (SAP), Hamilton dos Santos (Aberje), Pablo Di Si (Volkswagen), Jerome Cadier (LATAM Airlines Brazil)


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