03 de julho de 2019

CEO of CCR talks about rebuilding company image after Car Wash operation

In an interview with Valor newspaper, Leonardo Vianna, CEO of CCR, spoke about the company’s new moment after the revelation of the involvement of some former executives of the group in schemes related to the Car Wash operation. Vianna, who is in office for one year, said he was ‘shocked’ and ‘disappointed’ with the crimes revealed by the Federal Police, which negatively impacted the company’s reputation.

Hitherto seen as a benchmark in corporate governance, CCR has suddenly been embroiled in one of the country’s biggest scandals. “Things have happened that have affected our history a lot, but we want to show that life goes one,” he said. Nevertheless, the CEO states that the fact has helped the company to reinforce control mechanisms.

According to Vianna, CCR was forced to restructure some processes. Among the key measures is the creation of the position of vice president of compliance, which reports directly to the board. Leonardo Vianna led CCR’s New Business Board for 15 years.

Leonardo Vianna (Imagem: Valor Econômico)


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