28 de janeiro de 2020

CDN concludes leadership transition with Juliano Nóbrega

The executive assumes the presidency of the agency and Manuk Masseredjian starts to act as a consultant

In 2019, CDN Comunicação concluded the transition cycle in its leadership, which started in 2017 with the entry of Manuk Masseredjian as CEO. As of January 2020, the current director of operations, Juliano Nóbrega, takes on the presidency of the agency.

Since January 2019, Juliano had been taking on a greater role in the entire operation of the agency. His name as new CEO was announced to the internal public in August, and customers have been communicated ever since.

Manuk Masseredjian – who from January will be a consultant to the agency – arrived at CDN in June 2017 and led the process of transforming CDN and finding its successor in the market. “ During my management, we repositioned the CDN, created products and services, implemented the areas of planning, creation and innovation. Today, CDN is prepared for the moment that PR lives in Brazil and the world and Juliano is the right person to follow this process,” says Masseredjian.

“I am motivated, and I feel prepared to lead CDN because the transition happened in a very natural way. As chief operating officer since last January, I had the opportunity to get involved in other areas of the agency, develop a global view of the business and understand CDN’s way of doing PR,” says Nóbrega.

Juliano Nóbrega has been with CDN since 2015 and has worked in the São Paulo and Brasília offices.  He currently writes a weekly column on communication, business, and culture that is distributed to subscribers by email and published on the Poder 360 website on Saturdays.

Manuk Masseredjian and Juliano Nóbrega


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