31 de janeiro de 2019

CasaE celebrates 5 years promoting innovation and sustainability in construction

Since 2013, BASF keeps CasaE, an eco-efficiency house open for free visitation, as a convergent space for technologies and ideas to promote the sustainable development of the construction sector, located in São Paulo. In the five years of activity, it received more than 18,000 visitors – among students, engineers, architects, and other professionals who were interested in the project.

Besides the visits, the house welcomes activities to exchange knowledge and proposals. “Since the inauguration, more than 900 meetings have been held. They met of the main objectives of the project, which is to disseminate and foster trends,” says Giancarlo Tomazim, strategy manager of the Civil Construction Industry Team for South America of BASF. “The participation of the partners generated a diversity of topics ranging from circular economy and solutions to urban issues, to the most modern digital technologies.”

CasaE was built with solutions that meet demands such as reducing water and energy consumption, ensuring thermal and acoustic comfort, and increasing productivity and durability of buildings. The 400-square-meter-project currently has about 30 partners. Since 2017, CasaE has an exclusive Artificial Intelligence based cognitive assistant called BASECA (BASF Ecoeficiency Cognitive Ability), which interacts with visitors, answering several questions. 3D technologies, Augmented Reality, and virtual reality glasses have also made the visitation more interesting. Some novelties are also planned for 2019.



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