30 de novembro de 2017

Can you trust the media?

Segundo encontro do Ciclo de Debates Aberje-Época, em São Paulo, no dia 17 de Outubro
Aberje-Época’s meeting in Sao Paulo, October 17th

According to the study organized by news magazine Epoca and Aberje (Brazilian Association for Business Communication) entitled Elections 2018 – Perspectives on Organizational Communication, half of the Brazilian executives and entrepreneurs have no trust the mass media is ready to provide an accurate coverage of the next elections in Brazil.

The respondents were from LiderCom, a group of 50 businessmen whose companies account for 20% of the national GPD in net sales, and 34 communication executives. To Paulo Nassar, Aberje President and professor at University of São Paulo Communications and Arts School and Hamilton Dos Santos, Director of Aberje, the poll showed that half of the respondents don’t think the mass media is ready to offer a full and fair political coverage.

“The split we see indicates the need to institutionalize the more traditional news outlets, specially taking into account the damage caused by the fake news that roam free on the internet”, says Paulo Nassar. “It is a hard work, a marathon, not a short run. Mass media need to acknowledge the importance to strengthen its identity, its value as a journalistic organization in order to regain public trust”.

The full study can be accessed by clicking this link.



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