21 de setembro de 2016

Brazilian company is on Fortune Magazine’s list of companies that are helping to change the world

Fibria, the world leader in eucalyptus cellulose production, was recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the companies that is helping to create a better world. The magazine prepares an annual list called “Change The World,” which names 50 global companies that generate a positive social impact through its strategies, operations and innovation. Fibria is the only company in the pulp and paper industry to be part of this year’s ranking.

“Fibria believes that the successful development of its business depends not only on economic and financial aspects, but environmental ones as well. We believe in creating value that is shared by all. We also celebrate when these principles are recognized by entities that have international credibility,” said Marcelo Castelli, President of Fibria.

One of the important initiatives of Fibria, according to Fortune, is its Save The Forest program, which celebrated 25 years of activity last year. The project partners with farmers in the forestry business to develop forests with the planting of seeds, technical assistance and cultivation, and then allowing the producer to manage the plantations.

“We are happy to see a program of such importance to Fibria mentioned in the Fortune list. By including local producers in the company’s supply chain, Fibria generates shared value, combining the company’s success with the prosperity of the local community,” said Maria Luiza de Oliveira Pinto e Paiva, the director of Sustainability, Corporate Relations and Communications at Fibria.

Currently, 1,685 producers in 164 cities in the states of Espírito Santo, Bahia, Minas Gerais and São Paulo are participating in the program, covering an area of 67,000 hectares. Approximately 30% of the wood that is supplied to the Fibria facility in Espírito Santo comes from neighboring farmers who participate in the Save The Forest program.

Fortune’s “Change The World” list recognizes companies with revenues of over $1 billion that have made a positive social impact through activities which are part of their business strategy. Nominations are made by executives, academics and NGOs, which is then followed by a detailed evaluation by the magazine in partnership with FSG, a nonprofit consulting firm, Shared Value Initiative, a global platform that seeks business solutions for social problems, and Professor Michael E. Porter from the Harvard Business School. The projects are evaluated by taking into consideration factors such as social impact, financial success and level of innovation.


A complete list of companies on the list can be found at http://for.tn/2bhiwAg



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