28 de agosto de 2018

‘Brand Real’ seeks to be the definitive branding guide

With more than 30 years of experience, Vasken Kalayjian – CEO of GK Brand, NY – is one of the greatest branding experts and author of ‘Brand Real: The Ultimate Entrepreneurs’ Handbook’, a definitive guide to startups and entrepreneurs, launched by GK Publishing in the United States. Vânia Gracio, CEO of Sing Comunicação, an Aberje-associate PR and press agency, is among the 27 experts that contributed to the 27 chapters of the book. It was designed as a guide for startup entrepreneurs, but it also provides important information on how to create a strong, flexible, value-based corporate culture for businesses of any size.

The topics approached by the book include how to introduce a new brand on the market; how to plant your identity in the minds of potential supporters, employees, and customers; and how to tell your story in a multicultural world effectively. Vânia’s chapter reflects on the right time to hire a PR agency. “PR plays a key role in creating a brand, and in order to achieve effective results, this work must begin well before launching the brand. However, many companies end up leaving this hiring the last stage! In the book, I had the opportunity to explain that a PR agency can offer much more than just ‘press counseling’ and I also gave tips on how to choose the ideal agency, according to the needs of each company.”



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