07 de maio de 2019

Book of the University of Coimbra discusses memory and organizational identity

Coimbra University Press has just published the book “Media Narratives and Communication: memory building as an organizational identity process,” organized by João Figueira and Ana Teresa Peixinho. The book presents a collection of articles by academic researchers from universities in Coimbra, Braga (Portugal), São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina (Brazil) and Sorbonne (France), among others, that explore the multiple phenomena of communication and organizational memory from different areas of knowledge: Organizational Communication, Geography, Communication Sciences, and Information Science.

Paulo Nassar, president of Aberje and a full professor at the USP School of Communications and Arts, is one of the authors, together with Luís Alberto de Farias, also a professor at ECA-USP. The article, entitled “Memory, Identity, and Brazilian Companies: The Difficult Metamorphosis,” reflects on the construction of the narrative of organizational identity, its value and the crisis of identity that companies face due to the challenges imposed by globalization and by processes of mergers and acquisitions.



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