31 de janeiro de 2019

Bayer launches recording studio for agribusiness influencers

Bayer has launched the Network AgroServices Space, a creative space for co-working and a recording studio for content production focused on agribusiness. The objective is to disseminate messages based on quality, an increasing need among rural producers, as shown by a survey conducted by the Brazilian Rural Marketing and Agribusiness Association (ABMRA) in 2017 on farmer habits. The survey showed that 61% of the rural producers use smartphones, which represents a jump of 44 percentage points compared to the 2013 survey. Half of those who have access to the internet usually check the news using digital means.

“Integrating new technologies in agribusiness is one of Bayer’s concerns, so we support the digitization of the field, including the sharing of information,” says Thiago Junqueira, Customer Strategy, and Engagement Manager. The AgroServices Space Network is an initiative of the AgroServices Network, a collaborative platform with 125,000 rural producers.

The new site, located at Bayer headquarters in São Paulo, aims to integrate different agribusiness stakeholders. The intention is that influencers of the industry – researchers, distributors, university students, some clients, as well as the company’s executives – share the space.



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