29 de outubro de 2019

Awareness movement creates a version of Minecraft focused on sustainability

Keeping an eye on the booming market of videogames, Movimento Plástico Transforma (Plastic Transforms Movement) has created Eckoblocks, a game inspired by Minecraft, designed for children to begin early on to understand sustainable development. The Movement aims to create actions that show how plastic can bring countless benefits to society coupled with technology, innovation, and responsible use.

Movimento Plastico Transforma is an initiative of the Plastic Chain Incentive Plan, PICPlast, the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Plastic Industry Association (ABIPLAST), and Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas. Braskem is an Aberje associate. Since 2017, the program has been investing in actions that generate a positive agenda for the conscious and responsible use of plastic.

Free for mobiles and tablets with iOS and Android systems, Eckoblocks has two environments – city and nature – and players are encouraged to collect recyclable waste across a range of materials. The main objective is to promote the growth of the city sustainably through resource management. “With Eckoblocks, we want to develop this awareness in children, using an activity that educates while entertaining,” says Edison Terra, Braskem Executive Vice President. “It is a playful way of highlighting the relevance of conscious consumption and proper disposal,” says José Ricardo Roriz Coelho, president of ABIPLAST.

Minecraft is celebrating a decade of success. Over the years, Minecraft has had a huge impact on the world of games and pop culture, conquering the Brazilian public, responsible for the fourth-largest community in the world, second only to China, the United States, and Russia.



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