22 de novembro de 2021

ISA Group presents actions to combat climate change and decarbonization of the energy matrix at COP26


The Multilatino ISA Group – represented in Brazil by ISA CTEEP, the largest private electricity transmission company in Brazil, present in 17 states – actively participated in Glasgow’s COP26.

In addition to Brazil, the Group is present in Colombia (headquarters), Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Central America. It has 43 companies in the sectors of electricity transmission, highway concessions, telecommunications, and intelligent management of real-time systems.

At COP26, ISA actively participated in the academic agenda to present actions and initiatives developed to combat climate change and protect biodiversity in Latin America, the company’s operating region. It brought a sample of the commitments made in its “ISA2030 Strategy” for sustainable value creation. It’s aligned with the objective of this year’s Conference for participating countries to make commitments such as the elimination of coal as an energy source, the reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030, zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the protection of communities and natural habitats.

Grupo ISA, as part of the national initiative “Colombia Carbon Neutral” and the “Alliance of the Electric Sector Carbon Neutral,” participated in the event together with the Ministry of Mines and Energy of the country, exhibiting the “Comprehensive Management Plan for Climate Change” aligned with the designated priorities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In this sense, it presented its commitment to carbon neutrality. By the end of this year, all energy companies in the Group will be carbon zero, anticipating the target set by the company by one year. It also hopes to reduce, by 2030, 11 million tons of potential CO2 on the planet. ISA CTEEP aims to reduce 2 million tons of potential CO2 on earth in Brazil and has already carried out the total and voluntary compensation of its Scope 1 and 2 emissions since 2019.

In addition, the company offset the CO2 emissions generated by the Colombia Pavilion through the EcoRegistry, a pioneering platform in Latin America developed by one of the Group’s companies for the carbon market, based on blockchain technology, which allows the issuance, transfer, and withdrawal of carbon credits.

Another highlight at COP26 was the Jaguar Connection, the Group’s main sustainability program, developed in Brazil by ISA CTEEP.  The program works to preserve more than 76,000 hectares in the Serra do Amolar region, in the Pantanal, in partnership with the Instituto Homem Pantaneiro (IHP). In 2020, it was considered the best corporate program for offsetting emissions by the Environmental Finance Awards ranking. The case was presented at the panel “Colombia as the world leader in nature-based solutions and carbon offset projects” on November 6th.