31 de janeiro de 2019

App encourages 100,000-plus GPA employees to volunteer

The GPA Institute – responsible for the social mobilization actions of the GPA has launched the application Colabora GPA. The new app encourages solidarity actions among employees of the group, which includes the retail companies Pão de Açúcar, Extra, Minuto Pão de Açúcar, Mini Extra, Extra Market, Assaí, and Compre Bem. The app allows 100,000-plus employees in the whole country to engage, participate, cooperate and work for voluntary actions that promote social transformation.

The tool was developed together with startup Mooven. Users can select the volunteer activity they are identified with, according to the place and type of activity. “The application is a channel for GPA employees interested in volunteering to join forces to transform society,” says GPA Institute Executive Director Susy Yoshimura. Actions include visiting hospitals, supporting elderly people in nursing homes and children in orphanages, caring for animals, replanting trees, preparing and distributing meals for people living on the streets, participate in clean-up efforts in public spaces, teach students with learning difficulties, among other activities.

The project had a pilot phase that mobilized employees of the Corporate and Business Units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Fortaleza. Humberto Mathias Filho, a volunteer from Pão de Açúcar, was one of the participants. “It is a pleasure and a great emotion to contribute. Collaboration is a tool that we use every day to improve people’s lives even more, “says Humberto.



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