29 de outubro de 2019

Also in Portuguese | October News

Every month, we will bring you the most relevant news in the corporate communication market in Portugal, presented by APCE – Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication. These are the highlights of october:

Airports stand out as media

Companies have realized that investing in advertising and communication actions at airports is essential in their business strategies. The growth of tourism in Portugal has further strengthened airports as a media space. Last year alone, 55 million passengers visited the Portuguese terminals. In the first half of 2019, 27 million people had been on them, and growth between 6% and 7% is expected for the second half, according to the company JCDecaux, which manages the advertising space at Portuguese airports.

A study by JCDecaux found that 85% of passengers like to see advertising at airports. It’s another ingredient to stimulate creativity in brand communication and activation actions. The industries that invest the most in advertising and stock in Portugal’s airports are finance, automobiles, telecommunications, and luxury goods.

Recycled cork contributes to reforestation

Missão Continente, an initiative of the Continente supermarket chain, member of APCE’s Sonae Group, wants to encourage the recycling of cork and contribute to reforestation in Portugal. In partnership with the NGO Quercus and Corticeira Amorim, the chain is distributing a total of 500,000 corks, which can be taken home and where families can collect and later pour them into containers in Continente stores.

The campaign takes place under Green Cork, a project created in 2008 which has already allowed the collection of about 84 million corks. With the revenue from corks delivered for recycling, Quercus finances the “Common Forest” initiative, under which more than 800,000 trees have already been planted. The number is quite significant for a country that suffers a lot from bush fires.

Innovation in fleet management and urban mobility

APCE Associate Galp wants to enable companies and their customers to efficiently reduce their ecological footprint. To this end, it began to provide mobility solutions such as the sharing and use of electric vehicles. The services will be provided by Flow, a startup created by Galp in partnership with CEiiA (Engineering and Development Center). Flow intends to start operating in markets where Galp is already present and where electric mobility is a priority, i.e., Portugal, Spain, and Brazil.

According to Susana Quintana-Plaza, Galp’s executive responsible for the Renewables and New Business areas, Flow’s spin-off is an example of how the company intends to look at innovation and transformation as an opportunity to generate new business. Any fleet owner wishing to electrify their vehicles will need electrical charging infrastructure in their facilities, an operating system for charging points, devices to monitor, locate the fleet, and provide vehicle sharing service. 



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