06 de maio de 2020

Also In Portuguese | April 2020 News

Every month, we will bring you the most relevant news in the corporate communication market in Portugal, presented by APCE – Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication. These are the highlights of april 2020:

Cause, business, and marketing: together and mixed

Super Bock was one of the beer companies that changed its production process to be part of the Portuguese solidarity network. The alcohol-free beer “Super Doc” is the result of this transformation. The name is a way of paying homage to healthcare professionals at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

The concept of the initiative, created by the agency O Escritório, will also be materialized in the digital campaign #SuperDoc. The campaign uses the motto “For those who leave everything behind to be at the forefront.” It aims to “express support to all healthcare professionals as a way of thanking them for their dedication and commitment in the daily fight against the pandemic.”

The manufacturing process removed the alcohol from the Super Bock beer to produce hand sanitizers to be offered to hospital units in the country.

More solidarity beers

Another beer brand taking the solidarity path is the new edition launched in April by Nortada. The “New England IPA” would celebrate the third anniversary of the brand, but ended up receiving the name “Obrigado” (“Thank you”) to honor everyone who is in the front line in the fight against COVID-19. The revenue of this beer will be donated in full by Nortada and on-line platform Dott to the Portuguese Red Cross.

“With a Little APA from my Friends” is the new MUSA beer, dedicated to all the artists who are part of its four years of history. Sales of the beer revert fully to all the artists, MUSA spaces, and those who were part of the initiatives that the brand organized in Portugal.

A toast to all the efforts that help transform the world!

Technology to bring the elderly closer to family members

Altice Portugal, an APCE partner, and Huawei will connect thousands of elderly people to their families. The companies entered into a partnership with the National Republican Guard (GNR) to provide tablets to combat the social isolation of the elderly, especially at a time when visits and closer contact are not possible.

In addition to the equipment, Altice Portugal and Huawei will also offer free data service, so that the GNR military has all the necessary resources to bridge the gap between the elderly who live alone or isolated and the people they care about most.



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