30 de julho de 2018

AI tool helps Ticket and Ticket Log optimize their customer service

An AI tool has helped Ticket and Ticket Log – companies that provide benefits vouchers for meals, food, transportation, fuel, and cultural activities in Brazil – to surpass 1 million calls in their customer services. Implemented by Edenred Brasil, the tool is called Edenred Virtual Assistant (EVA) and works within one division of each company – digital customer service for Ticket and Workers’ Benefits for Ticket Log. Ticket started implementing the AI tool three years ago. “We have led processes of digitization and modernization of platforms to interact better and multiply the benefits offered to companies, sellers, and employees,” says Ticket’s Operations and Logistics Officer Francisco Dionísio.

“Our brand is focused on developing new technologies to create opportunities for business growth and improve the relationship of our audiences with the brand. With the resources of artificial intelligence and service, we achieved a result that is reflected both in efficiency gains and in improving the customer experience,” says Gilles Coccoli, CEO of Edenred Brasil. The activity with the highest demand at Ticket is that of Autosserviços (Self Services) with 395,000 calls requesting issuance of cars and 95,000 related to balances. At the beginning of the year, there was a 30% reduction in calls directed to human service, also impacting the call’s average time.



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