24 de setembro de 2019

Agribusiness organizations launch campaign for a Rightful Amazon

Action promoted by agribusiness organizations and NGOs simulated the illegal occupation of Trianon Park, in São Paulo, to mobilize the population against public land grabbing and illegal deforestation.

A campaign called “Be Rightful with the Amazon” was launched in São Paulo in early September to demand effective measures from the government to combat the invasion of public lands, and promote the resolution of land conflicts in the Amazon.

The launching strategy featured an unusual action in the park known as Trianon, in downtown São Paulo: actors, extras, and a structure simulated the closing of the site and announced that the park would be allotted and sold to become a new real estate development on Paulista Avenue.

The action aimed at drawing Brazil’s attention to illegal land occupation in the Amazon. According to the chairman of the board of directors of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (Abag) and campaign spokesman, Marcello Brito, the environmental issue is fundamental to ensure the competitiveness of Brazilian products in the national and global markets.

The campaign is available at www.sejalegalcomaamazonia.org.br .



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