06 de março de 2019

Aberje Trends brings the main issues of communication

One of the top trend events in Corporate Communication is coming: Aberje Trends – April 3-4 in São Paulo -will discuss how communication innovations are helping companies achieve better results.

The opening conferences bring three pressing themes. The first, by Denise Hills, Itaú Unibanco’s chief consultant on Sustainability and Inclusive Business, will address ESGs (Environmental, Social and Governance) and new investor expectations. The second is communication in the public area, presented by one of the most promising political leaders in Europe, the former Portuguese Minister of Tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes. The third opening theme is the issue of governance and communication for directors, with Henrique Luz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of IBGC – Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance.

The event will also address institutional and governmental relations, digital transformation, team engagement, planning, events, and collaboration, with cases of large companies such as TOTVS, Arteris, Amil, Vivo, Ogilvy, and others. In addition, Alexandre Caldini, writer and former president of Valor Econômico and Abril, talks about “Networking versus Notworking,” the title of his latest book, which deals with how to achieve a broad and powerful network of relationships.

Aberje Trends also has an international session, supported by the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management. The roundtable, coordinated by Hamilton dos Santos, general director of Aberje, will bring together Jose Manuel Velasco (Spain), president of Global Alliance; Fionna Rose Cassidy (New Zealand), Board Member of the Global Alliance; Marisol “Candy” Hernandez (Indonesia), Director of Business Development at the London School of Public Relations; Justin Green (Ireland), VP of the Irish Public Relations Institute; Alastair McCapra (UK), executive director of the Chartered Public Relations Institute.

On March 21, the Aberje Trends Warm-up will be focused on sustainability, water, sanitation, energy, agribusiness, brand purpose, culture, sport, education, innovation, and community relations. Among the confirmed speakers are Paulo Pereira, director of Corporate Communications at Bayer; Francine Lemos, CEO of CAUSE; Luiz Eduardo Serafim, head and Corporate Marketing at 3M do Brasil; Mário Mazzilli, director of the CPFL Institute; Viviane Mansi, Director of Public Relations and Communications of Toyota do Brasil; and many others.

More information and registration are available at http://bit.ly/4AberjeTrends



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