18 de maio de 2016

Aberje selected as Brazilian representative of FIDECI

Aberje has been selected as the Brazilian representative of FIDECI – Latin American Federation of Internal Communications – established in 2014. With this initiative, Brazil joins Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay and Paraguay as part of the Federation. Paulo Nassar, President of Aberje and Associate Professor of ECA-USP, believes that “the partnership with FIDECI helps consolidate Aberje as the Think Tank of Communications in Latin America, particularly in regards to Internal Communications, the founding theme of the association for the last 48 years.” He adds that “in an increasingly dialogic world, it is essential to exchange experiences in an effort to promote Brazilian Internal Communications and to bring the best practices of our neighbors to Brazil.”

With the aim of integrating internal communications associations in Latin America FIDECI will provide a collaborative space where the exchange of information and experiences in the internal communications field can thrive. The goal will be to attract more associations and industry professionals, strengthen ties and increase integration in the area.

The president of FIDECI, Alejandro Formanchuk, is the director of the consulting firm Formanchuk & Asociados and a partner at Aberje. He is also the professor of the International Course in Internal Communications at the Brazilian association, given in the second semester of 2015. As the founder and president of the Argentinian Association of Internal Communications, Formanchuk is recognized as a leading expert in organizational communications in Latin America.

FIDECI – Latin American Federation of Internal Communications
FIDECI – Latin American Federation of Internal Communications


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