28 de agosto de 2018

Aberje launches its School of Communication

The educational area of Aberje has gained independence and is now called the Aberje School of Communication, a brand-new institution, but created out great tradition and thousands of graduates. In the last 50 years, Aberje has become an important center of training and professional development, as well as a reference in corporate and organizational communication in Brazil.

Currently, the association has one of the world’s largest offerings in communication courses – ranging from training professionals to top executives – and has partnerships with prestigious international institutions such as Syracuse University in the United States. The Aberje School of Communication also renews the entity’s offer of scholarships, which have already been offered for some years. In addition, the School offers scholarships for national and international research in its Fellowship Program.

In the last 20 years, there have been more than 500 free courses, 17 classes graduated from the Aberje /Eseg MBA in Business Communication Management, 10 stages of the International Business Communication Course Aberje/Syracuse University, as well as hundreds of in-company courses and the latest advanced programs in Digital Communication Management and Internal Communication. In total, there are about 50 courses offered annually.

“The launch of the Aberje School of Communication is the institutionalization of the founding framework of the corporate communication in Brazil. The history of Aberje is that of the formation and affirmation of countless communicators who have worked or performed in Brazilian companies and institutions in the past 50 years,” says Paulo Nassar, CEO of Aberje and a full professor at the School of Communications and Arts at Universidade de São Paulo, who leads the project. “We can say that the Brazilian Business Communication has an Aberje DNA,” explains Nassar. Learn more about it here: www.escolaaberje.com.br



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