30 de julho de 2018

Aberje launches its first book in English, “Megaphones out, Smartphones in”

Aberje Editorial launched its first English title in late June: “Megaphones Out, Smartphones In — Practices, challenges, and dilemmas of communication with employees”, written by Paulo Henrique Leal Soares and Rozália del Gáudio, both professionals with a large experience in the corporate communication market and researchers in academia. The book gathers 85 testimonials of professionals of communication with employees from different countries, setting up a panorama of this process around the world. “Employees play a crucial role in managing the reputation of organizations, so understanding their wishes and incorporating them effectively in building genuine communication is imperative for companies that want to achieve their goals and ensure their sustainability,” says Del Gáudio. The e-book version of the book is now on sale at Amazon.

Megaphones Out Smartphones In



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