Marcelo Bento Ribeiro is Azul’s new Director of Institutional Relations
29 de outubro de 2019
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Marcelo Bento Ribeiro – who has led Azul Viagens to the rank of second-largest tourism operator in the country – has taken over as Director of Institutional Relations and Alliances of Azul Linhas Aéreas. He will represent the interests of the company before the civil society, government, legislature, and regulators of the civil aviation sector. His team includes the special advisor to the presidency Ronaldo Veras and the manager of institutional relations Fábio Campos.

Marcelo Bento will also lead partnership deals with other airlines. The charter area, which was under Bento’s board, is now managed by Izabella Lessa, who leaves Azul Viagens and now reports to Antônio Américo, Azul’s Commercial Director.

With organizational changes, Daniel Bicudo, who has been at Azul since 2018 at the head of TudoAzul, now takes over Azul Viagens, with the mission of strengthening Azul’s business unit brand.

Marcelo Bento Ribeiro and Daniel Bicudo
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