30 de November de 2020

Companies reinvent themselves and look for alternatives for holiday celebrations with their employees


Social distance requires creativity from the companies’ communication areas

Kits and treats delivered at home, interactive events 100% online, stand-up comedy, drive-in meetings, musical performances, virtual games, distance cooking classes with famous chefs, courtesy deliveries etc. The pandemic still has not ended. To keep teams cohesive and engaged, corporate celebrations demand more creativity from the companies’ Communication areas during the holiday season. It is what some organizations are doing. Aberje has consulted with its members to promote benchmarking among companies on what to do in this tricky year of 2020. See some initiatives.

At Amaggi, which operates in the agribusiness sector, every year, the festivities occur independently at each branch and the headquarters. Still, this year the face-to-face parties will not take place. “As an option, we are intending to stream a ‘retrospective’ video, bringing the main challenges, achievements, and thanking each employee for their efforts. We will also make credit on everyone’s Food Voucher card so that families can boost their Christmas dinner,” says Daniel Escobar, the company’s Communication manager.

Victória Hipólito, Director of Operations for Green Hat People, a technology and business games company, says she has observed a search for celebration and integration solutions even in the social distance context. She ensures that it is possible to do something very interactive. “For companies that will celebrate the end and beginning of the year in the online environment, we launched the Celebration Game. It is a virtual game to be played at the party of the end of the year to bring out the team spirit, addressing a positive look at achievements in 2020 and the strengths of the team to turn the game around in 2021.”

Pravaler’s Communication team, fintech of financial solutions for the educational sector, has focused on interactivity. “In addition to inspiring and entertaining videos from the CEO and our board, we came up with a collective playlist with employees, a talent show with previously recorded contributions, and the choice of winners being made through a real-time poll. Then we’ll host a stand-up comedy presentation and, to close the night, a setlist with songs suggested by the ‘Pravalentes’ performed by a DJ,” says Katia Sala, Communication coordinator at Pravaler. Employees will also receive food vouchers to follow the event with food and beverages of their choice.

At Intel Brasil, the year-end meeting with employees will also have a different look. “We will have a virtual session with the president, followed by a cooking class with an Eataly chef. Each employee will receive a box to prepare their dishes and a small treat at home,” says Carolina Prado, Brazil & Canada Communication Manager.

There was also some reinvention at Valmet, a multinational technology company. “This year, we will have the first party with employees from all parts of the company together in a live, including employees from Chile. The celebration will include the presentation of a band of employees and a virtual award ceremony. We will have a physical stage with an MC and some executives taking part in the event. Still, the celebration will happen at the home of all employees, with their families,” points out Pedro Paciornik, Head of Strategy, Quality, and Marketing at Valmet South.”

At Pessoa, a Public Relations consultancy, people are also creating remote forms of holiday parties. Erika Pessôa, CEO & Founder of the agency, says that one of the proposals is to send sets with ingredients for employees to prepare their dinner, chefs teaching, live, and preparing dishes and drinks. The proposal pleased companies like Raro Labs, which has employees all over Brazil. Another idea is the production of treats with concepts and messages from the team and the company. “Objects with purpose, creativity, and the right message always surprise and engage people,” she says.

Béatrice de Toledo Dupuy, Corporate Communication & Sustainability manager at Santos Brasil – a Brazilian container operation and logistics company –, says that the celebration of the end of the year will be held virtually, through the virtual channel SB Conecta. “The channel was created during the pandemic to stimulate discussions of relevant issues with employees and their families,” she says, adding that the company will also deliver baskets with Christmas goods, following all the World Health Organization’s security protocols.



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