23 de December de 2022

Aberje defines theme for 2023

Connections that transform: the power of the network in the growing business communication market

Companies and institutions are fundamental agents of value creation processes in society. When successful and properly executed, these efforts contribute to the creation of wealth and place them at the service of development and social welfare.

Business communication makes its real contribution to the process of building social value by promoting and maintaining the principles of ethics, innovation, plurality, and humanism. Dialogue and economic, social, and environmental development, in the current historical context in which Brazil finds itself, are important and urgently needed. For this reason, the contribution by the communication area and its professionals to the promotion of these principles is essential in enhancing the country’s reputation.

The contemporary corporate communicator, charged with the task of promoting an ongoing dialogue among the various audiences of the organization, is, in turn, a fundamental agent in the elaboration, promotion and dissemination of its strategic visions. They contribute to the construction of dialogues and connections and the positioning of strategic objectives to promote values such as a sustainable environment and social responsibility in accordance with ethical and transparent standards.

This contribution can also be measured by the expenditures estimated in the “Corporate Communication Budget”1 for the year 2022, which reached R$30.2 billion Reais. This number provides an indication of the growth of the communication market in the country.

For this reason, Aberje has chosen “Positive Impact Communication: a network of connections to generate value for business and society” as the theme that will be addressed across all areas in 2023. Our aim is to support members and make available to companies, institutions and society as a whole, a dynamic network of relationships, state of the art professional and scientific knowledge and the best opportunities for training, meetings, recognition and specialized content.



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