Aberje Prize 2016: the best corporate communication practices
19 de dezembro de 2016
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Fibria é reconhecida como a Empresa do Ano no Prêmio Aberje 2016
Fibria was chosen Company of the Year by the 2016 Aberje Prize judging panel (Credits: Tati Nolla e João Carniel)

The 2016 winners of the Aberje (Brazilian Association of Business Communication) Prize were announced during a ceremony on the 24th of November, in São Paulo (Brazil). In its 42nd year, the award recognizes the best Brazilian corporate communication practices of the year, helping to support, boost and promote efforts and initiatives in communication and networking. For its seriousness, it has been appointed as the leading communication award by the research Mapa da Comunicação Brasileira (Brazilian Communication Map). Project development, overcoming challenges and becoming benchmark is the cycle of the award, which represents a window to perfect, modify and enhance Brazilian corporate communication.

In 2016, 170 judges evaluated 210 projects in 17 categories, from more than 120 companies. As well as recognizing the best communication cases, Aberje also awards best communicators, media companies, educator of year and the best communication trajectory of the year. Check some of the winners below (for the full list, click here).

Comunicadores do Ano no Prêmio Aberje 2016 (Créditos: Tati Nolla e João Carniel)


Communicators of the Year

Carina Almeida, President, Textual
Daniela Schmitz, Communications Vice-President, Edelman Significa
Geraldo Magella, Corporate Communication Manager, Fibria
Luciana Coen, Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP
Malu Weber, Director of Corporate Communication, Votorantim Cimentos
Marco Cortinovis, Latin America Communications Director, Pirelli
Nelson Silveira*, Communication and PR Director, GM (*also online voting winner as Communicator of the Year)
Saulo Passos, Global Communication and Marketing Director, Embraer
Solange Fusco, Corporate Communication Director, Volvo Group Latin America
Tania Magalhães, Communication Director, Pay Pal

Medias of the Year

Bandeirantes Communication Group – BandNews and Arte 1 channels and New York Times partnership

Internet Portal

Multimedia Platform
Red Bull Basement

Digital Media

Specialized Digital Media
GE do Brasil YouTube channel

Branded Content
Estúdio ABC


Company of the Year


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