New Unilever headquarter in Brazil aims for technology and innovation
21 de setembro de 2018
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Unilever Brasil, an Aberje associate, has presented its new headquarters located in the south of the city of São Paulo. With nine floors – distributed in 13,000 square meters – and the space to up to 1,500 people, the project meets the three pillars that guide the company: sustainability, innovation, and diversity. 

The office has spaces that are adaptable to different needs and occasions, appropriate to new ways of working. All spaces stand out for bringing flexibility and mobility (agile concept), in addition to allowing full integration between employees.

The highlight is the Garagem de Inovação (Innovation Garage), a space designed to accelerate the transformation agenda. In this space, all employees can access technologies such as 3D printers, virtual reality glasses, among other gadgets that will promote creative thinking and stimulate the mindset of experimentation.”The new headquarters brings a diverse, plural environment, designed to foster communication between teams and areas, with open spaces that stimulate co-creation and plurality. In addition, the layout and decoration reflect the characteristics of Brazil. It’s a light, colorful, cozy, and at the same time modern environment,” says Eduardo Campanella, vice president of Home Care Marketing at Unilever Brazil.

The floors are divided by business segments (Food, Home Care, Personal Care and Ice Cream). However, employees can occupy any workstation. In fact, all floors have cabinets so that personal belongings can be allocated, leaving the desks free.

The new headquarters of Unilever also brings the concept of innovation throughout its structure. In other words, it’s 100% cable-free environment. Pieces of productivity-enhancing hardware include interactive screens, meeting rooms equipped with a video conferencing system, and scheduling platform via a mini-screen installed at the entrance to each room. There are no more landline telephones on the desks since all communication is via Skype for business.

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