01 de junho de 2020

Also In Portuguese | May 2020 News

Every month, we will bring you the most relevant news in the corporate communication market in Portugal, presented by APCE – Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication. These are the highlights of may 2020:

Super Bock offers a digital menu for bars and restaurants

In pandemic times, it is not a good option for bars and restaurants to have a paper menu that goes from hand to hand. To minimize the risk of contamination, companies have focused on digital solutions, which allow each customer to consult the menu on their cell phones. This is also Super Bock’s proposal. The beer brand created the “Authentic Menu,” a digital alternative that aims to reduce the risks of contamination, and that is available to establishments that are Super Bock customers and partners of its official distributors who can register the menu options. Customer access to the “Authentic Menu” through a QR Code, and there is no need to install an app. Simple, effective, and valuable solution for traders.

IPRN turns 25 and plans meeting in Lisbon

The International Public Relations Network (IPRN) is currently planning the entity’s 25-year convention and chose Lisbon for its world meeting this year. The event is scheduled for between 6 and 10 November, if the pandemic is already under control. IPRN has 53 member agencies and has the Portuguese Rodrigo Viana de Freitas as chairman. The international network is currently present in 105 cities in 41 countries. To learn more about the entity, visit http://iprn.com/



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