02 de julho de 2020

Also In Portuguese | June 2020 News

Every month, we will bring you the most relevant news in the corporate communication market in Portugal, presented by APCE – Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication. These are the highlights of june 2020:

Portuguese agency launches new Angolan airline

The Portuguese agency Born authors the launch project for the most recent Angolan airline, Fly Angola. It developed the company’s first campaign, the design of stores, uniforms, airport equipment, and aircraft exterior. The launch campaign concept is “We connect destinations” and sends an emotional, but also functional message, presenting Fly Angola as an airline that brings families and businesses together throughout Angolan provinces.

Back to restaurants and hotels

The “Sabe pela Vida” (Knowing through life) campaign, promoted by the Federation of Portuguese Agro-Food Industries (Fipa) and the Portuguese Hotel, Restaurant, and Similars Association (AHRESP), invites consumers to return to the country’s hotels, cafes, and restaurants. The campaign aims to convey trust to consumers so they can go back to restaurants and tourist accommodation because they are respecting safety, hygiene, and health recommendations. The message of hope and taste for the small pleasures of life is the main theme of the campaign, which will air in June and July. See the campaign here.

Healthcare authority promotes campaign

“You are a public health agent”. This is the central message of the awareness campaign signed by the General Health Directorate (DGS). Presenter Rui Unas and actress Catarina Miranda give voice to radio spots advising on topics such as “the care to be taken at work, the need to resist the desire to organize and attend parties, the need to reinvent leisure moments, away from crowds or the possibility of going to the beach, with caution.” The campaign will be aired until the end of July.

The messages will be strengthened by a digital strategy, under the responsibility of Guess What, which uses a network of partner agencies to invite influencers to share, on their social networks, some of the information conveyed by DGS.

Learn more about the campaign at https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=356873451949397



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