30 de agosto de 2019

Also in Portuguese | August News

Every month, we will bring you the most relevant news in the corporate communication market in Portugal, presented by APCE – Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication. These are the highlights of August:

“I’m Here!” To Reduce Lost Child Beach Cases

To help parents and reduce the scares of children lost on the beaches during the summer, Altice Portugal, through MEO and the Altice Foundation, in partnership with the Public Security Police (PSP), has started eighth edition of the “Estou Aqui!” (“I’m Here!”) program. “I’m Here” is an innovative program developed under the MEO Kids brand communication and awareness initiatives. Through an alphanumeric code bracelet, it allows you to quickly and effectively reach out to the parents, educators or guardians of a lost child, promoting reunion. The bracelets are free.

Artificial Intelligence in Fire Prevention

Portugal is one of the countries that suffer most from fires at this time of year. To assist in the work of identifying and fighting fires, the Portuguese company Compta created Bee2FireDetection, a fire detection service that uses the use of Watson Artificial Intelligence from IBM Portugal.

The solution is based on high definition cameras that, in real-time, collect images that are then analyzed using thermal sensors. The initiative, which constitutes a new approach to prevention systems, won the IBM Watson Build, a global multinational competition designed to accelerate and demonstrate the adoption of IBM Watson technologies and to encourage the development, demonstration and implementation of the best global solutions based on artificial intelligence.

To learn more about the winning project, see the link .

Portuguese World Featured Events Agency

A Portuguese agency is making history at the Bea World (Best Event Awards). Desafio Global ranks 4th among the most awarded event agencies in the world. In Bea World 13 year-history, the agency is the only Portuguese representative in the ranking of the 30 most awarded companies, appearing after the top 3 composed by the Italian Filmmaster Events, the German Insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung, and the French Magic Garden. Desafio Global has participated in the Best Event Awards for nine years and was already distinguished in 2011 as the Best Events Agency in Europe, with the EDP Energia Douro concert. It has won 22 awards under Bea World.



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