24 de June de 2021

Suzano achieves a 92.4% inclusive environment for LGBTI+ audiences


The company advances towards ensuring an egalitarian workplace for all

In LGBTI Pride Month, Suzano – a global reference in bioproducts developed from the eucalyptus – has presented its 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Survey results. The company hired GlobeScan, a consultancy specializing in research methodology, to calculate the level of internal inclusion and, therefore, continue strengthening the construction of an increasingly plural company.

The survey result showed that 92.4% of respondents indicated that Suzano has an inclusive environment for the LGBTI+ audience. The ambition is to reach 100% by 2025. However, the company understands that the journey is still long to bring its support and commitment to the reality of its different industrial operations.

Based on the new methodology launched in February this year – which considers all audience profiles, including affinity groups with Black people, women, people with disabilities, and generations – employees answered questions based on governance criteria, culture, and personal experience. With the results mapped, the company – signatory of the Letter of Commitment to the Business and LGBT Rights Forum – was able to identify barriers and biases of its employees. Based on this, it will plan and expand communication and engagement actions for both the internal and the external audiences.

For 2021, Suzano’s initiatives related to the theme are already focused on promoting a psychologically safe environment – an essential factor for people who declare themselves LGBTI+ – remodeling the security of ombudsman channels, encouraging leadership literacy about the theme, and carry out a mapping of careers considering the representation of affinity groups.

“We still have a long way to go to reach the 100% target, but the survey results show that we are on the right path. It also helps us set priorities and map opportunities. After all, if we want a more egalitarian society, as a company, we have to start our work at home,” says Argentino Oliveira, Head of People and Management at Suzano.



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