06 de September de 2022

Aberje’s Director on sustainability: “there is no other way to do business.”


Hamilton dos Santos was interviewed for a special issue

Hamilton dos Santos was one of the interviewees for the article “Pact with the Public Opinion”

The Executive Director of Aberje, Hamilton dos Santos, was one of the interviewees of the article “Pact with the Public Opinion,” published in the latest issue of the magazine “Valor Setorial Sustentabilidade,” a publication of the financial daily “Valor Econômico.” Santos talked about the importance of ESG for business.

The article points out that, in addition to informing, the Communication industry has also been taking initiatives to neutralize its carbon emissions. “Companies are adhering to sustainability projects because there is no way to do business in the global economy other than complying with ESG’s principles,” Santos said.

The issue is a special and exclusive magazine for subscribers of the financial daily “Valor Econômico”.



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