25 de June de 2021

Aberje Webinar debates Diversity and Inclusion in Communication


The event is part of an international campaign promoted by Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management

Aberje held a webinar as part of the Diversity & Inclusion Month promoted by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, a confederation of the leading associations and institutions of communication and public relations companies. Aberje is a member of GA’s board. The international campaign is led by GA’s Regional Council for Latin America, run by Aberje’s Director-General, Hamilton dos Santos.

In the webinar, professor Luiz Alberto de Farias, from Escola Aberje de Comunicação and PhD ECA-USP, talked with Ricard Sales, from Escola Aberje de Comunicação, and the head of Corporate Communication in Southern Latin America – Arcos Dorados (McDonald’s), Silvina Seiguer.

Luiz Alberto de Farias emphasized that it is increasingly important to talk about the topic. “It’s no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. Understanding diversity is understanding the features of different groups concerning themselves and other groups with which they relate. Thinking about diversity and inclusion means thinking about better practical, concrete results, as well as symbolic results; it is thinking about improving reputation, about products and services delivered with greater content, with greater essence”, he says.

For Ricardo Sales, working on diversity and inclusion in organizations today is part of ethical imperatives. “A diverse and inclusive company has better indicators of engagement, innovation, creativity, a better climate, more resilience, among several other important characteristics in the business world,” says Sales.

For Silvina Seiguer, the topic is essential within companies because diversity allows for a plurality of views. “I believe that we, communication professionals, have a fundamental task. We help integrate the multiple aspects of different organizations and give external visibility to this issue so that we can show its importance within the company”, she says.

Global Alliance for all

The Global Alliance is a diverse, multicultural organization representing professionals of all religions, cultures, societies, and races. Its board of directors includes leading professionals, academics, and industry association leaders, with representatives from every continent.

This June, three new councilors joined GA’s Regional Council for Latin America: Emiliana Pomarico (GENN ECA-USP / Escola Aberje de Comunicação); Gladys M. Díaz (Asociación de Relacionistas Profesionales de Puerto Rico – ARPPR / GMD Public Relations Consultant), and Pablo Cattoni (Consejo Profesional de Relaciones Públicas de la República Argentina / GE).

They join the current members of the board, namely Hamilton dos Santos (Aberje, Brazil), Francisco Aylwin Oyarzún (FOCCO – Chilean Corporate Communication Forum, Chile), Silvina Seiguer (McDonald’s South America, Argentina), Pedro Cadina (Vianews Communication, Brazil) and Tato Carbonaro (Ypê, Brazil).

The webinar can be watched here:





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