Brazil – United Kingdom Commercial relations post-Brexit

What are the key points to understand, endeavour and execute a near future relationship agenda between Brazil and the United Kingdom?


Brexit is finally a reality and even with many points to be concluded and defined, it gives possibility for a clear debate about commercial relations between UK and the rest of the world. This is a good opportunity to thing about these relations with Brazil. This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities for trade and commercial relations between Brazil and UK post-Brexit. It will be focusing on the key points to understand, undertake and execute an agenda between the two countries in the near future.

You can watch the lectures at any time and send your questions until March 24th. The questions will be selected and answered in the live webinar on March 26th at 9:30 AM (Brasília Time).


The webinars are now available:


Ana Paula Vitelli, President of  Britcham - The British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil

“Brexit brings opportunities to business with the possibility of new commercial agreements.”

Ana Paula Vitelli is president of the 105 years old Britcham, an organization that gathers a long experience in fostering trade relations between UK and Brazil. Its headquarters are in São Paulo, with several branches in other major cities and its members, among them Brazilian companies, are from many different important sectors in Brazil and UK economies. She offers a panorama of the Chamber structure and activities, focusing on some priority themes (innovation, sustainability, finance, infrastructure, and human capital) and highlights the Chamber’s role in advocacy and as a place for debates and the development of new opportunities.

Peter Wilson, Ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil

“We want a broad and profound relationship with Brazil and a partnership for the 21st century.”

UK’s new Ambassador to Brazil, Peter Wilson lists five priorities to UK-Brazil relations: trade, climate, science, security, and the promotion of an open society. He highlights the importance of searching for deepening the trade and commercial relations, by a free trade agreement with Mercosul and other bilateral agreements, the partnership with Fiocruz to produce the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, opportunities for innovation and COP-26.

Jonathan Knott, Trade Commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean (He will take on the role of Consul General in São Paulo as soon as coronavirus allows him to arrive in Brazi).

“Economic growth and enviromental protection (…) are the two sides of the same coin.”

Jonathan Knott, UK’s new Consul General in São Paulo, emphasizes the importance of new commercial agreements to the promotion of business in both countries as well as UK’s interest to bring Brazilian investment there. All this within the guidelines of UK’s government ambitious new plan “Ten Points for a Green Industrial Revolution”, creating the groundwork for a common “green business agenda”. To potentialize the needed investments, UK intends to resort to its dynamical finance sector and its extensive industrial know-how, especially in the energy sector.