BRpr: The international newsletter of the Brasilian Association for Business Communication Feb 2018 | Issue #15 “People are losing their ability to listen”, says bookseller Pedro HerzThe first LiderCom in 2018 was held on January 31 with Pedro Herz as a speaker. Mr. Herz, the owner of bookshop Livraria Cultura and author of the “O Livreiro,” talked about his life and professional path in the book market and discussed the current – and extremely challenging - situation of this market. Fundacom promotes International Communication Award in LisbonThe Aberje Award annually selects the best cases of Corporate Communication in Brazil. Since last year, the national award has also legible for the Ibero-American Prize of Fundacom, an institution formed by Ibero-American communication associations of which Aberje is a member. The award ceremony will happen in Lisbon, Portugal, in May.
SAP global video highlights Brazilian initiativeLuciana Coen, CCO and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at SAP Brazil, is one of the executives of the company chosen to appear on a global video broadcast during the kick-off of the tech company, in January. She mentions the sustainable initiatives of the company in the Amazon. Mercedes-Benz executives hit the road to listen to customers A team of executives from Daimler Trucks and Mercedes-Benz Brazil visited customers in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, reaffirming the company's commitment: "Roads speak. Mercedes-Benz listens." The board members drove models Actros and Axor in 450 km of roads last November.
Present by: Fibria, Itaú, Latam, Mc Donalds, Vale, Volkswagen
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The legal news website JOTA interviewed Paulo Nassar, Aberje’s director president and full professor at University of Sao Paulo, about a project to make the work of lobbyists official in Brazil. “The project is at the risk of turning into a card factory that gives access to an old-style club,” he says.